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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 8 November 2016

Latest versions?

Something on Familypedia has changed. We seem unable to go directly to our main input form as we used to (from clicking on red links in infoboxes).

We now have Semantic Drilldown (Version 2.0.1) and Semantic MediaWiki (Version 2.4.1) and - listed in a separate table of Special:Version - Semantic Forms (Version 3.7).

I've not checked whether all of those have changed since the last time I looked it up, so it's a work in progress. I or someone else should check this wiki and update where appropriate.

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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 6 May 2016

SF 3.6

See Semantic Forms 3.6.

"The big change is the introduction of spreadsheet-style editing in Semantic Forms. You can now edit all the instances of a multiple-instance template using a JavaScript-based, spreadsheet-style interface, ..."

That will mean more to some readers than it does to me, but I'm sure it's great.

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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 6 November 2015

SMW 2.3 released

Mail from Jeroen De Dauw on SMW mailing list:

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the fourth stable feature release in the Semantic MediaWiki 2.x series.

Semantic MediaWiki 2.3 is a feature release that adds several new features, brings enhancements, improves performance and fixes various issues. It does not contain any breaking changes, so upgrading is both easy and recommended.

    1. Highlight: Improved SPARQLStore support ##

SMWs SPARQLStore has now reached full feature parity with the SQLStore. On top of that, various performance improvements where made to the SPARQLStore.

The $GLOBALS['smwgSparqlQFeatures'] configuration setting now supports these additional values:

SMW_SPARQL_QF_REDI: enable property/value r…
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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 18 July 2015

Problems since May 2015

Familypedia has been having problems with an upgrade or something else in recent months. Best introduction to the problems is probably w:c:familypedia:User talk:Thurstan.

It would be really helpful if Wikia staff who make changes to SMW versions or storage locations could notify users by way of a message on this wiki.

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