FANDOM/Wikia can enable or disable SMW, and certain SMW extensions, for the wikis they host, but unfortunately cannot provide detailed support in learning or troubleshooting its functions. From about 2010, a decision was made that no more wikis would have SMW enabled.

Free supportEdit

To get free support for using or deploying Semantic MediaWiki, users can subscribe to the SMW user mailing list. The list is driven by an active user community, and answers to many questions can already be found in its archives, so a web search may also help. The #semanticmediawiki IRC Channel may also be of some help. For support in developing and extending SMW, please see developer's support.

Every support request should include the URL of the affected wiki and page, or (if such a URL is not available) detailed information about the version of MediaWiki and all installed extensions used.

Commercial support Edit

Commercial support, custom development projects, and training may also be available (depending on your physical location and project specifications) – the SMW Project is cooperating with various commercial solution providers world-wide. Please contact Markus Krötzsch for further information.

Support for extensions Edit

Extensions of SMW are often developed independently from the core SMW Project. Please check out an extension's website and installation files to find out whom to contact for support and where to report bugs. In general, questions related to extensions of SMW can also be discussed on the user mailing list.

Reporting bugs and feature requests Edit

See reporting bugs.


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