Posting around 4 September 2013 by Yaron Koren:

Hi all,

Version 1.3 of Semantic Drilldown has been released. I don't usually announce releases of SD, but this one has a fairly major change: filter values and input types are now set automatically, based on the size and the schema of the data, instead of manually. That means the following:

- For properties of type "Page", "Text" or "String", if there are more than a certain number of values (by default, 50) for a filter, the values will be shown in a combo box, instead of one by one on the page - which will eliminate the situation where hundreds of values show up on the page, making the interface cleaner and possibly improving performance considerably.

- For "Date" properties, values are automatically aggregated by either day, month, year or decade, depending on how spread out the values are.

- For "Number" properties, the number ranges are set automatically, with the goal of having an approximately equal number of pages in each range.

And for "Date" and "Number" properties, users can now keep drilling down using the same filter, instead of doing so only once.

As part of this change, the three SD special properties "Has input type", "Has time period" and "Has value" were all deprecated - for version 1.3 and later, these properties will simply be ignored on the page.

If you're curious about this approach, it's based in large part on my "data is data" theory:

Version 1.3 also includes some unrelated fixes to SD's database querying.

You can read more about Semantic Drilldown, and download the new version, here:


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