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Posting around 5 May 2016 by Yaron Koren:

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that version 3.6 of Semantic Forms has been released. This is another big release, with great new features and some important fixes. Changes and additions in this version include:

- The big change is the introduction of spreadsheet-style editing in Semantic Forms. You can now edit all the instances of a multiple-instance template using a JavaScript-based, spreadsheet-style interface, by adding the parameter "|display=spreadsheet" to the {{{for template}}} tag. This was implemented using the jsGrid library, which is now included in Semantic Forms.

Thank you to the Ballerup Municipality of Denmark for funding this development.

By the way, this new "display=" parameter for the "for template" tag opens up some interesting possibilities for forms that are more automatically-generated. In theory you could have options like "display=table", where the display was all handled automatically instead of being specified in the form definition.

- The ability was added to have the form redirect to another page once it has finished saving. This is something that people have been asking about since nearly the beginning of Semantic Forms, but I always thought it was not doable; it turned out to be easy to implement. You can do it now by adding a "returnto=" value in the query string part of either #forminput or

  1. formlink. (Whether it's a good idea is a different story - I still think

it could lead to user confusion.) Thanks to "Thai" for this addition.

- There was more refactoring of the SF code, a process which began in January 2016. This includes the creation of two new files, SF_ValuesUtils.php and SF_Hooks.php.

- Related to that, there were fixes for previous refactoring - the display of multiple-instance templates was especially improved/debugged.

- The JavaScript changes in version 3.5 broke the display of popup forms; this has been fixed.

- The #autoedit function now has a 'tooltip' parameter, to display a custom text when someone hovers over the link.

- The 'openlayers' format now makes use of local JavaScript, instead of JavaScript from, if the OpenLayers extension is installed:

This is potentially a very useful change for those wikis that use OpenLayers, in terms of both performance and privacy. Thanks to Paladox for this addition.

- Cascading behavior for "show on select" was fixed. Now, if you have a dropdown where selecting a value displays a form section, and within that form section there's another dropdown that leads to the display of another form section, unselecting the first dropdown will make both form sections go away. (This wasn't working before.)

- There were various other small bug fixes; thanks to Paladox, Cindy Cicalese and Florian for some of these.

For more information, please see the SF homepage:


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